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Past Announcements

The Village Council is pleased and excited to announce a cooperative agreement with Margaretta Township for services in the Village. Until early 2021 the Village of Castalia employed a maintenance worker who was responsible for all the upkeep to the Village, including snow plowing, mowing, road maintenance, and many other tasks. Since his resignation, the Village contracted out this work, most notably mowing Village property and snow removal. The Margaretta Township Road Department has been a big help in filling pot holes and helping with road signs. The natural next step was a cooperative agreement in which the Village provides financing to the Township in exchange for services in the Village.


Beginning November 1, 2023 Margaretta Township became the Village’s primary maintenance provider. Our agreement ensures continued and increased Village services without being a detriment to Township residents. The Village will continue to use outside contractors for certain projects like road paving, twice monthly yard waste pickup, and storm sewer maintenance.


In order for this arrangement to work we insist Village residents contact the Mayor or other Council members for Village maintenance problems; do NOT call Margaretta Township. We need Township employees to focus on their work, please let the Mayor and Council coordinate with the Township crew.


Thank you all, we are very excited with the agreement between Margaretta Township and the Village of Castalia and know it will provide the best service for Village residents.

Open Burning in the Village

According to the Ohio EPA (web address for additional information):

Not Allowed: Any open burning of yard waste, garbage, refuse

Allowed: Barbeques, campfires, small fire pits with fires no larger than 2ft high x 3 feet wide using clean, seasoned firewood.

Ohio EPA:

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